CLINICAL STUDIES EXPERIENCE Márquez –Rodríguez al. (1994)  Obesidad: Coorelación entre diferentes Métodos de valoración y monitoreo. Memorias de la Jornada Médica del Hospital Civil de Guadalajara. December 1994 Márquez-Rodríguez et al. Acantosis Nigricans e Hiperinulinemia. Memorias de la XL reunion de la Sociedad Mexicana de Nutrición y Endocrinología. Marquez-Rodríguez et al. (2002) La grasa visceral y su importancia en obesidad. Revista de endocrinología y nutrición. Revista de Endocrinología y Nutrición Vol. 10 No.3, Julio 2002 Eduardo  Marquez Rodríguez (2003) Avances en Obesidad Capítulo 4. Ed. Medicina y mercadotecnia/FUNSALUD Primera Edición, 2003. Phase III Study, Multi-center, three-arm to assess and safety of ecopipam (SCH39166) in the management of Obesity. Schering-Plough Phase IV Study Glimepirida vs ptioglitazona in the resistence management to the insulin (Double-Blind study, crossed, ramdomized multicentric) sponsored by Lilly laboratories. Multicentric international study, of factorial 2x2 desingn for the effects evaluation of the Lantus (Insuline glargina) vesus the standar care and the fatty acids Omega 3 versus placebo in the mobility reduction and the cadiovascilar mortality in persons in high risk with the baseline altered glucose (IFG), glucose alterate tolerance (IGT) or mellitus diabetes type 2, 2007-2008. BY217/m2-401 Fortuna Study, sponsores by Altana Pharma A.G., 2006-2007 GWBH: Efficacy and Safety of Exenatide Administered Before the Two Largest Daily Meals of Latin American Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, 2006-2008 H7U-MC-IDAV Sponsored by Lilly Laboratories, 2006-2008 Metabolic syndrome in prolonged hospitalized schizophrenic patients. In press, 2008 DM in Pediatric Population. In Press, 2008 Hiperkalemia. Emergencies endocrine manual. In press, 2008

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